Reasons Three Products Need To Be Disposed Of Properly And How A Commercial Trash Removal Service Can Help

28 December 2015
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There are many different products that commercial businesses need to dispose of. You may have trash, shipping materials, and common recyclables, just to name a few. While most people know that medical waste, electronics and papers containing personal information need to be disposed of differently than general trash, there are other materials that need to be thrown away properly as well. Here are three different products that need special care during the disposal process and the reasons why.


Asbestos must be properly disposed of because it contains chemicals that can seep into the air and into the soil. Because of this, it is not labeled as a hazardous material or solid waste. Instead, it is classified as special waste. If you are in the asbestos removal business or construction business, you likely know how to properly remove and bag up asbestos. Asbestos must be wet down and then double-bagged in a sealed, leak-tight container that is marked as containing material. However, once you have the containers of asbestos ready to go, you may be unsure of where to send it. Trash containing asbestos can only be dropped off at landfills and transfer stations licensed and approved to dispose of asbestos material. There are only a select few of these in each state, and they may be far from your place of business. A commercial trash removal service can pick up the trash and properly dispose of it at one of these facilities.

Contaminated Soils

Contaminated soil cannot be simply sent to the landfill. The soil has to be properly treated to remove the contaminants. If your business frequently works with contaminated soils, such as soil that has been treated with pesticides or soil that contains waste from leaking septic tanks, you may be unsure of how to treat the soil. You have two options when it comes to dealing with contaminated soil. You can treat the soil yourself, by mixing it with dirt, sand and other filler materials that minimize the amount of contaminants in the soil and bring it down to a level low enough that you can dispose of the soil. Or you can send the soil to a hazardous or contaminated soil facility and allow them to treat the soil. Treating the soil yourself can be costly, as you have to purchase the filler materials. A commercial trash removal company may treat the soil themselves, or can send it to a facility that treats soil on your behalf.

Auto and Furniture Material Fluff

If your own a recycling business that recycles the metal on cars, or you restore old furniture, it is likely you have a lot of material and fluff lying around. The material and fluff from furniture can be discarded in the regular trash. But many businesses fail to realize that the material and fluff can also be recycled. Unfortunately, you can't find many recycling plants that accept these materials and a lot of waste ends up in the landfill because of it. However, a commercial trash removal company can take the items from you and find a company or recycling center willing to recycle them and turn them into new filler materials or fabrics. This is a great way to minimize the carbon footprint of your business.

It is important to note that auto filler fluff is different than auto material fluff. Auto filler fluff is the material that is leftover after the car has been crushed and the initial stage of metal recycling begins. Once the iron and steel are removed from the metal, the remaining 15 to 20 percent of the material leftover is referred to as auto filler fluff. This material must also be properly disposed of, as it contains lead and polychlorinated biphenyls. A commercial trash removal company can take this trash to a treatment facility who specializes in removing any plastic remaining in the material from the polychlorinated biphenyls and lead. The plastic can then be recycled while the other two items are properly disposed of.

A commercial trash removal company can remove all of the trash from your business and dispose of it properly. They can bring special containers so you can properly sort your trash into various categories, ensuring it is disposed of in the correct manner. Failure to properly dispose of electronic items, medical waste, asbestos and contaminated soil can result in your business receiving a fine, so it is important to both the environment and your business' bottom line that it be done correctly. For more information, contact a trash removal service.