Looking For Copper Scrap? Check Out These Little-Known Sources

22 September 2018
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Of all of the recyclable metals that you can trade in for cash, copper is one of the most valuable. However, raking up a pile of copper to take to the recycling center is not always an easy feat because so many people know that it is valuable. Copper can be a little hard to find just laying around. Take a look at some of the little-known sources where you may be able to pick up some scrap copper for recycling. 

HVAC Repair Companies

When a customer has an old HVAC system removed so a new one can be installed, the technician usually hauls off the old unit. The company will usually take any parts from the unit that may be useful later on, but the rest of that unit goes into the dumpster. If there is a local HVAC repair or replacement company in your area, stop in and see what they have that they would be willing to let you take off their hands. Old air conditioners, furnaces, and other systems can have copper wiring and components, but they are also filled with other valuable metals like aluminum and steel. 

Local Distilleries

Distilleries utilize copper stills and lines to make their whiskey and other spirits, and these copper components are not infinite; eventually, they do get holes and damage and have to be replaced. Oftentimes, when an old still goes bad, it gets pulled out of place and stuffed somewhere in a back room or even tossed in a dumpster. Stop in at these places and let them know you would be happy to take any scrap copper pieces they have and get them out of their way. 

Plumbing Services

Check with local plumbing services in your area and let them know that if they come across a house with copper pipes, you will be happy to come and pick up the pipes while they are taking them out so they don't have to mess with hauling them themselves. Copper pipes can actually yield you a pretty hefty amount of copper because the pipes are pretty heavy, especially in older houses. 

If you are tired of stripping wire to come up with copper scrap, make sure you are looking for copper in other places. Reach out to a scrap metal recycling center in your area, like Dabal & Sons Inc, to find out more about where you can find scrap copper pieces for recycling.