Grease Trap Maintenance Tips For Restaurant Owners

26 October 2020
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If you're a restaurant owner, then focusing on the grease trap is key. This is where grease goes until it's professionally removed. You want to do your best to maintain this special structure, which won't be much of a hassle when you do these things.

Put Right Quantity In

A simple yet effective way you can maintain your restaurant's grease traps over the years is to put the right amount of grease in it. If you went over the recommended levels, you could have a huge mess to clean up and clogs could result.

Before you ever begin using your restaurant's grease trap, see how big it is and figure out just how much grease can be placed inside the trap. Then once you reach the full line, you'll want to have the grease collected by a company. If you do this regularly throughout the year, you can keep costly complications to a minimum.

Remove Grease Deposits From Rubber Pipe

The rubber piping is an integral part of your grease trap as it's what water moves through when being filtered by the trap. After a while, this rubber pipe can build up grease deposits and that can hinder the flow of water.

It's not required to be a professional technician to clean this rubber pipe. You just need to find a bottle brush with durable bristles. You can then scrub around and inside the rubber piping thoroughly to remove grease deposits that have accumulated. 

Have Grease Trap Inspected

There are several key components part of your restaurant's grease trap and you need to make sure they're functioning as they should. You won't have a hard time if you have your entire grease trap professionally inspected.

You can then see what issues are present — if any — and respond in a reasonable amount of time. The inspector will assess various parts like the grease trap lid, inlet baffles, outlet baffle, air relief, and inlet and outlet valves. The damage will be documented, and the most pressing issues will be shown to you quickly so that you can do something about them right away.

Grease traps are a staple piece of equipment for restaurants today, and they're designed to hold grease throughout the week until it can be recycled appropriately. If you care responsibly for the care of this trap on your restaurant's property, it will work exactly how it's supposed to and complications won't be frequent. 

Contact a grease trap maintenance service to learn more.