Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Cardboard Recycling

17 June 2022
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Commercial cardboard recycling is a process that many businesses utilize to recycle the cardboard they produce. Here's what you need to know about commercial cardboard recycling.

What is commercial cardboard recycling?

Commercial cardboard recycling is the process of recovering and reprocessing used cardboard boxes and other packaging materials from businesses. This helps to reduce waste, as well as provide a new source of raw materials for the manufacturing of new products.

What are the benefits of commercial cardboard recycling?

There are many benefits to commercial cardboard recycling, including:

  • Reducing waste. Recycling cardboard can help to reduce the amount of waste that businesses generate. This can free up space in landfills and reduce the need for new landfill sites.
  • Saving resources. Recycling cardboard boxes saves trees and other resources that would be used to make new cardboard.
  • Reducing emissions. Recycling cardboard can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the pollution associated with the manufacture of new cardboard.
  • Creating jobs. Recycling businesses create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries.

Additionally, commercial cardboard recycling can help businesses save money. Recycling cardboard is often cheaper than buying new cardboard, and businesses can also sell their used cardboard to recycling businesses.

What are the challenges of commercial cardboard recycling?

There are a few challenges associated with commercial cardboard recycling, including:

  • Collection. Cardboard can be bulky and difficult to store, making it a challenge for businesses to collect and transport used cardboard to recycling facilities.
  • Sorting. Cardboard recycling businesses need to sort used cardboard by type and grade in order to sell it to the right buyers.
  • Infrastructure. A well-developed infrastructure needs to be in place in order to support commercial cardboard recycling. This includes recycling facilities, as well as buyers for the recycled cardboard

How is commercial cardboard recycled?

Commercial cardboard is recycled using a process called pulping. Pulping involves breaking down the cardboard into small pieces and then separating the paper fibers from the plastic and metal. The paper fibers are then used to make new cardboard, while the plastic and metal are sold to other industries.

What are the end-products of commercial cardboard recycling?

The end-products of commercial cardboard recycling are new cardboard boxes and other packaging materials. These can be used by businesses or sold to other industries.

How many times can commercial cardboard be recycled?

Commercial cardboard can be recycled multiple times. However, each time it is recycled, the quality of the cardboard decreases. Eventually, the cardboard will need to be sent to a landfill. Cardboard, however, is biodegradable. This means that, unlike plastic products, the cardboard will be broken down by microorganisms.

There are many things that you can do to help promote and support commercial cardboard recycling. Start by calling a commercial cardboard recycling center in your area such as Mid America Paper Recycling Co for more information about recycling your cardboard.